Welcome to the new home of our blog, newly christened 'Naturally Nelsons'. Evan and I have blogged about our kitchen activities previously in other venues but as our lives (and frankly, our day jobs) progressed and got more complex, we found it fell by the wayside. Along with that, our lifestyle was changing, and with it, our relationship with food. 

Another life change, the recent birth of our son Aiden, had us thinking about what we want our days to look like in and out of the kitchen, and how we've been eating and living no longer matched what we need as a family of three. 

The name "Naturally Nelsons" is more about us being our natural selves than what we eat being focused on natural foods. We do strive to eat whole foods with a focus on vegetables, and balance. That being said, at the end of the day, Evan is never not going to order the pulled pork sandwich if we're out somewhere, and sometimes I eat garlic bread for dinner. Our goal is to keep this space a place where we are always real.  


All photos on this site were taken by Michelle & Evan Nelson